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Artist Statement

Movement Philosophy:

I am fascinated by dance’s unique ability to unite people through movement, regardless of background or ability. I first discovered this passion when I attended movement workshops for people with and without disabilities through the organization EveryBody Can Dance. At the University of Iowa, I was selected to work and perform with Dancers in Company, the dance department's resident touring company. We had the opportunity to travel across the Midwest to perform for and teach people of all ages. These experiences inspired me to engage with my community, and I organized and facilitated two movement workshops for people of all backgrounds as part of my undergraduate studies. (see Gallery).


Through these opportunities, I have seen how dance can help humans experience empathy, discover individuality, and unite a diverse population around creative exploration. In offering performances,  workshops, and other events, my goal is to share dance as an important, and even essential aspect for connection in our communities. I want all people to experience the transformative abilities of dance as a unifying force.

As a professional dancer in the physically integrated dance field, I have experienced dance as not only a unifying force, but also as a force for change. Representation of all bodies on stage disrupts people's ideas about what dance can be and drives forward a new, more inclusive era. In addition to representation, I am interested in how we can make dance more accessible for audience members and participants. Ensuring that venues are accessible and offering audio described performances are ways to open the door to a larger audience. These practices must become the standard, and they are only just the start.  As a non-disabled dancer,

I strive to challenge the current standards of the field by listening to and collaborating with the disabled community to make these necessary changes. I hope to elevate the art form by advocating for inclusiveness and diversity on stage and in dance education and outreach.

Movement Style:

My style of movement stems from a solid foundation in ballet training and a deep understanding of contemporary and released-based modern styles, as well as Graham Technique. I combine these legacies of dance training with athleticism and power to create my unique style of movement. I enjoy moving aggressively, but relish in detail-oriented and subtle movement. I am interested in the strength and vulnerability of the human body and the intricacies of the mind. I enjoy exploring these facets in collaborative environments where imaginations can meet to create something even more exciting than what can be developed by one mind.


Photo by Arvin Temkar

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