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Photo by Lori Teague


"Both dancers [Julianna Feracota and Jacque Pritz] demonstrated gorgeous, expressive technique throughout, and in the dance's first moments their performance of breathing, arching their backs and necks to push their heart centers upward, was objectively beautiful." - Author Unknown

"Julianna Feracota and Jacque Pritz, both beautiful dancers, moved in unison as if they were one body. After their initial high-energy sequences, they lay face down, their breath now not initiating movement but pumping unasked for from their lungs after their intense outpouring of energy. It was a treat to be in a space small enough that this intimate aspect of dance could be both seen and heard" - Gillian Anne Renault

"“It is astounding that these small details have been able to be passed on from generation to generation, and I feel lucky to hold this knowledge in my mind and body,” says Feracota, who will perform the tragic solo “Niobe.” “I’ve enjoyed exploring parts of Duncan’s history through Limón’s movement vocabulary, which was highly influenced by her. I am glad that Limón was willing to explore the darker sides of her history and used his own movement style to honor her legacy.”" - Amanda Sieradzki

"Feracota paired technical precision with a uniquely expressive musicality." - Author Unknown

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